why choose me?

the details

To me, a connection is less about sharing common interests with someone and more about a mutual understanding of feelings, wants, and needs.

As a Mom and a Professional Photographer, I have the unique benefit of experience and perspective from both sides of the lens. Choosing me as your photographer allows you to connect with a mom who knows what you want out of your photography session and works hard to get it.

When choosing your photographer, it's important to pick based on a style you truly love and the connection you feel with the person behind the camera. 

But, the mom in me knows that sometimes, no matter how much effort we put into something, things don't always go the way we hoped. This is where the mom in me shines at photography sessions. I will do everything in my power during our time spent together to get you "just the one good picture" you came for and then some. As a mom, This is what I would want a photographer to do for me. 

As a professional photographer, I also recognize your struggles, hopes, and goals for your session. It is important that your whole experience meets and exceeds your expectations from consult to digital download and beyond. I want you to love your images, I want you to say nice things about our time spent together, and I want you to want to come back and back again. As a professional photographer, this is what I hope moms will do.

It's a lot of work and stress, from convincing your husband, picking out outfits, and then all praying that your kids will cooperate. I understand how badly you want these beautiful photographs, these memories, these treasures. 

As a mom, I know the investment, not just financially but emotionally, that goes into planning a photography session for your family.

Reach out to me through my contact form, and let's chat about all your photo session hopes and dreams and how I can make that happen for you! We can talk, text, or email - whichever you prefer. 

first steps

Together, we will pick a date and location for your outdoor session—weekends, from May to November book up quickly, especially in the Fall. If a weekend date is best for your schedule, be sure to reach out sooner than later. Once we've decided on a date, you will receive an email link with a little more information about what to expect at your session, as well as an invoice to pay your session fee.

ready to book

Relax and let everything else go for just one hour. Be present in the moment. You and your family are going to laugh, look, cuddle, smile, play, and I'm going to take pictures of it. I know sometimes it can feel awkward to be in front of the camera, so I'm going to help guide you and give you some prompts to make it look and feel more natural. The good news is that usually after you hear me sing off-key or bark like a dog in public, you don't feel like the idiot anymore. 

your session

After your session, sometimes, even before I've left the parking lot, I go through your images on my camera and choose my own personal favorite. This picture is usually my inspiration throughout the editing process. Most of the time, with your permission, I post a sneak peek on social media to "hold you over" while I work on the rest of your gallery. A funny little weird thing about me is that I don't usually post or share MY favorite image or even the BEST image in your gallery on social media. I do this because I want you and your family to see it first. I know this is odd, and I should want to share my best work with my audience, but something about keeping this image just for you first feels right. Fully Edited galleries are delivered within 4 weeks, and sometimes sooner.

after your session

from meeting to delivery

the process

* Session Time. Plus my Talent, Jokes, and Help Wrangling your Kids.
* Fully Edited Digital Images in a High-Resolution Downloadable Online Gallery. 
* Printing Rights. Get those pictures off your phone, printed, and onto your walls. 
* Assistance with Everything from What to wear and Where to find Wine after because if I'm honest, you might need it!

Digital images are delivered via a private online gallery for you to download directly within 4 weeks after your session. All Packages are "All-Inclusive," which means my pricing is as transparent as it gets. There are no hidden fees. Ever. 

What's included in Photography Packages:

getting started

I promise not to hold some of your images hostage and make you pay more for them later. Honestly, I think it's kind of creepy to keep your photos, so I won't. "All-Inclusive" also means that I do no limit the number of images you might receive. All images that are considered good and edited by me, you get! 

Your Total Package price is split into TWO payments: A $200 retainer fee which holds your date on my calendar, and the second payment is your balance based on the Session type you chose.

choose your experience

the packages

Family Sessions are my favorite type of sessions because I get to meet and interact with your whole family. It is my mission to make your sesssion enjoyable and low pressure for everyone; camera shy moms, busy-body kids and even grumpy husbands. With your family Session, you'll get some " say cheese," and everybody looks at the camera shots for Grandma and your Holiday card, but you'll mostly get emotive photographs. You will receive Images that show love, connection, personality, fun, Cuteness, and potentially a little bit of the Chaos that makes your family beautiful.  

Family sessions are for immediate family only. Family sessions are 1 hour. Pets are welcome. Please bring your dog so that I can steal him! Family sessions are held outdoors, at a common location in Hudson, Sudbury, Concord, Framingham, and surrounding communities. Sessions are about 1.5 hours before sunset. Keep in mind that start times change throughout the year. 

Family Sessions with me are the perfect blend of posed and lifestyle photography. 

family sessions

$ 500 / "All-Inclusive" (30+ images) / $200 due at booking, $300 due by Family Session date.

the investment

Kid sessions are like a Family Session but 30 minutes shorter. I aim to capture both posed and candid photos for your littles. I do my best to get everything from their bouncy curls, toothless grins, and piggy toes. Be advised, I am not above embarrassing myself by singing an off-key version of Baby Shark for the toddlers and if I have to bust out the potty talk to get natural smiles from the older ones, then so be it. After all, "FART" is the second most commonly used "F" word in my house. The other word is "FUN"... I mean, what other "F" word could it be when you have six kids!? Of course, I walk around muttering "Fff un" all day!

Kid Sessions are for up to six kids. Kid sessions are 30 minutes. Kid Sessions are not newborn Sessions. Kid Sessions are not for Three-year-olds; they are MONSTERS. Kid Sessions can be siblings, cousins, grandkids, etc., as long as they are kids. If you have more than six kids, let me know so that I can plan to be sick on your session date ..kidding, But Please do inquire for more information for groups larger than six. Kid Sessions are held outdoors at a common location in Hudson, Sudbury, Concord, Framingham, and surrounding communities. Sessions are about 1.5 hours before sunset. Keep in mind that start times change throughout the year. 

Kid Sessions with me are a blast. 

kid sessions

$ 300 / "All-Inclusive" (15+ images) / $200 due at booking, $100 due by Kid Session date.

the investment

Newborn Sessions are done most successfully when babies are two weeks old or less. In other words, let's do your session before they start to look like their father. Newborn sessions are baby-led, and tend to run longer and are meant to allow time for feeding and caring for your baby. I will photograph them in their nursery, being sure to capture some of the love, hard work, and patient waiting that you put into their room. Other photographs will most likely occur in your bedroom, where your whole family can snuggle together in Mom and Dad's bed. Don't worry if you don't have a Pinterest-worthy home. What's most important about your home is that your family is there. Your new baby is there. This is the house that you brought your baby home to, and you will want to remember it too. Please x100, beg you not to stress about cleaning your house for me. I don't judge. I can't judge. My house looks like we are losing a game of Jumanji. 

Newborn Sessions are for immediate family only. Newborn sessions are 2 hours. Dogs, Cats, or any other creature that you call your pet, except if it's a Tarantula, are welcome to be in the photographs too. Newborn Sessions can be done any time of the day, but it's preferable to do them earlier, so your house is full of natural light. Newborn Sessions are held in your home in Hudson, Concord, Sudbury, Framingham, or within the other surrounding communities.

Newborn Sessions with me are relaxed and can be done within the comfort of your own home. 

newborn sessions

$ 700 / "All-Inclusive" (50+ images) / $200 due at booking, $500 due by Newborn Session date.

the investment

What should I wear? 

Subscribe to my email list to receive my free full style guide, but basically, you should pick outfits and colors that are complementary and not all matchy-matchy. Pastels color, neutrals, and blues are beautiful in the spring and summer. Jewel tones and rich colors such as burgundy, burnt orange, and mustardy yellow are amazing for fall images and light neutrals for sessions at home. I encourage clients to steer clear of bright, neon, and clothing with big logos. Too much black and white clothing can sometimes give the floating head effect, and the color green should also be avoided in the spring and summer months to keep from blending into the background. 
Do you offer payment plans?

I do! I know that photography services don't always fit in the budget. Please don't let money get in the way of your memories. I will work with you in confidence and do my best to ease the financial burden that a photo session might be.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all Major Credit Cards, Cash, Checks, or Venmo. Credit cards are processed through Square, a safe and secure internet server. 

Do you offer discounts or donations?
Yes. I am proud to support qualified non-profit 501(c)3 charities, schools, and other worthy causes by donating my services and gift certificates for raffles & auctions, etc. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me for more information.

Everyday Heroes- If you are an active or retired Military family, a first responder, or a teacher (k-12), I am pleased to offer you 20% off of your regular photography session fee. Mini Session events are not eligible for this discount. Please notify me when booking your session. 

Passion for Pitties- If you are a Pitbull lover like me, and you want to include your rescued FURocious FURbaby in your session, I will happily donate 10% of the session fee to a local pitbull rescue or pitbull-friendly humane society of your choice. Mini Session events are not eligible for this discount. 

Do you use props?

I don't. But I bring a couple of blankets to outdoor sessions and a few neutral swaddles to newborn sessions, but that’s pretty much it. If props and super-posed photos are what you're looking for, we may not be the best fit, and that's okay. I can offer you the name of a really great local photographer who is a baby whisperer and specializes in prop photography. 

Do you photograph weddings and events?

Nope! Too much pressure! I have photographed weddings and small events for close friends and family on a few occasions, but I do not offer this as a service.

What time do you do most of your sessions? 

ALL Outdoors sessions are held 1-2 hours before sunset. In photographer lingo, this is called Golden Hour. During golden hour, the sun sits perfectly in the sky. Not too high and not too low. The light is soft, glowy, and gorgeous. As a mom, I understand that this time in the evening sounds less than ideal for your kids, but trust me, your photos are worth one late bedtime... plus, kids usually do better with this than we think they might. Being outdoors makes all the difference in the witching hour. 

What happens if it's cloudy/rains?

Cloudy days are great photo days. The light is even and flattering on faces. If there is a high chance of rain, we will reschedule outdoor sessions. Indoor sessions are fine if it’s not sunny! Rescheduling due to weather is at the discretion of the photographer. Weather-related cancellations by clients without consulting with the photographer first may result in the loss of your session fee.

Do you have a Cancellation/Rescheduling policy?

I do. Clients are eligible to reschedule their session one time for personal reasons without being charged any additional fees. Rescheduling multiple times may result in a $50 rescheduling fee. Rescheduling due to weather is solely at the discretion of the photographer. Sessions rescheduled by clients due to the forecast may result in a rescheduling fee. 

Can I bring my dog?

YES. I love dogs!!. If you plan to bring a pet to an outdoor session, please let me know ahead of time so that we can choose a pet-friendly location. I ask you to bring a friend or someone to take the dog when we aren’t using them in shots. I like big mutts, and I cannot lie - if your dog happens to be a rescue pitbull, I am happy to donate 10% of your session fee to a local pitbull-friendly rescue or shelter on your name.

Can I bring Grandparents?

Family Sessions are meant for immediate family... but who can say "no" to a Grandma? Not me! I ask that you respectfully give me a heads up if you plan on bringing grandparents. Beyond that, we can set up an extended family session. Additional fees may apply.

What are printing/image rights? 

You have the right to post any image in your gallery and print as many copies of your images that you’d like. However, you CANNOT edit, apply social media filters or crop your images in any way. As part of my contract, I also reserve the right to print, publish and share images for business purposes.

What is your editing process?

First, I look through your photos and eliminate the not-so-good ones. In photoshop, I carefully edit every single good photo individually. I do not batch edit or apply filters. My editing style is classic, bright and airy. I prefer timeless and true-to-life colored images over temporarily trending dark and moodier edits. I do provide some black and white images within my galleries, but definitely a lot more color. I do not offer In-depth re-touching services such as skin smoothing, airbrushing, or body slimming. I can fix a pimple here and there or slightly whiten noticeably yellow teeth, but beyond that, you are perfect just the way you are.

How/when will I receive my images?

I will do my best to deliver completed galleries within 4 weeks of your session date. 

Are you Vaccinated against Covid 19? What if I am not? Masks? No masks?

Yes, I am fully vaccinated, but your vaccination status is none of my business. I will continue to serve my clients, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, all the same. Currently, I am not wearing a mask at my sessions or asking my clients to do so either, but I will happily wear a mask to your session if that makes you feel most comfortable.

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